Hello Convene Members!

This opportunity to join the Convene Speakers Bureau is a blessing out of the blue and we are scrambling to adapt our data sets & materials.

We’ve released our Foretold Convene Briefing Packet based on Foretold – QuickShare Edition. This will be the guide for your Convene presentation:

As we ramp up development of materials for local Convene groups, we thought this video done for the New Canaan Society would give you a good quick visual summary of the Foretold platform.

The video replaces a presentation from a Zoom call that failed, but Bob recorded at short do-over of some of the content we intended to share.

We’ll prepare a proper video in the intervening weeks ahead. Thanks for visiting and considering our efforts.

Photo credit: Foretold, LLC – Alt Video Link

Over a dozen races, nations, and places were targeted by Biblical predictions – here are just three of them captured on camera today – seeing is believing.

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Show Someone - Seeing is Believing