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Bob Jacobus


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Here is a sneak preview of the coming presentation – a little something to give you confidence in booking Bob for your event.

What You Can Expect

A full multimedia presentation designed to persuade the unbeliever and thrill (and empower) the believer.  Bob is presently focused on presenting what was foretold of the nations with enough content to fill anywhere from 30 mins to 4 hours (or more if you let him!).  Each engagement is designed to be an experience your audience will have confidence to invite the skeptic to.

A Little Bit About Me

Bob has spoken before more than 400 churches, theaters, community groups, and businesses over 15 years of public speaking.  His training materials have been distributed up and down the east coast, always with an eye towards empowering the audience to replicate sharing the meat of His message in the personal God given style of the listener.

My Video Clips

Coming Soon.

My Most Requested Topics

Bob is focused on supporting the Foretold effort of authenticating the Bible as Divinely inspired but also speaks on…

  • Intelligent Design and the Impact of Theology on the Historical Success and Advancement of Science
  • The Pain of Loss, Blame, and the Silence of God.
  • Victory in the Battle of Ideas (messaging in Biblical model)
  • The Messianic Predictions

What Others Are Saying

Mission Media’s Destiny outreach, part of the Reasons to Believe Campaign of the Christian Churches Association, is the basis for

Bob, You already know how much I appreciate your leadership. We pastors in the field need someone holding us accountable to outreach. Lifting up the accuracy of God’s word is so essential. Reasons to Believe helps to find creative ways to validate the truth. Keep up the good work.

Pastor Doug Heckman, Trinity Wesleyan Church

Thank you for providing a flexible, quality resource for our outreach. This is an example of how evangelism by the larger group can be more effective than done alone, yet this also allows the individual touch of the local church.

Pastor L.T. Humberd, Lehigh Valley Grace Bible Church

Thank you for the presentation you gave in Lancaster, PA. I believe that the endeavor is not only worthy of large-scale church involvement, but God honoring as well…
Apostle Paul’s words when he said that “he has become all things to all men so that he might win some”. It is time that the church step up to the call and embrace this very principle. Thank you for showing us how we can better do this in an affordable way! Blessings!

Rick Stence Assoc. Pastor Florin Church of the Brethren

The presentation is very informative, attenders gave good feed back…

Pastor C. Larry Bennett, Zionsville Bible Fellowship Church

Mission Media produces HIGH quality promotional materials for the cause of Christ.

Rev. Reuben Parlier, Bethel Chapel

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