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These are the materials I return to again and again in my personal study and were the backbone of my research in developing the Foretold platform.

Today, we stand on the shoulders of these giants.

– Bob

Trusted Resources

Ministries and Authors to Further Your Education and Deepen Your Faith

Norm Geisler International Ministry (NGIM)

Equipping others to proclaim and defend the Christian faith.

NGIM carries on the legacy of Norm Geisler (1932-2019), a giant of 20th century Christian apologetics (evidence for the faith), ethics, theology and evangelism.

NGIM, led by his son, David Geisler, & a team of former students of Norm Geisler, provides online training preserving the intellectual foundation of Christian thought shaping a generation.

Bible Places

High Quality Images of the Biblical World

Todd Bolen, Professor and Photographer has travelled the holy land to create a library of evidence.

He offers high-quality images from the popular Pictorial Library of Bible Lands and the new Photo Companion to the Bible

Archaeological discoveries are explained, historical and geographical details are made clear. The captions are the product of more than a decade of living and instructing in the Holy Lands.

And don’t miss his blog that tracks the latest in archaeological discoveries and great articles of historic Biblical interest.

Important Books

“Resources I’ve Continued to Use Year After Year” – Bob

Evidence That Demands a Verdict

Original version of Volume One contained “Prophecy Fulfilled in History” (chapter 11) that did not make it in latter editions.  Always wanted to ask McDowell why.  

Nevertheless, a remarkable collection of evidence updated over the years.

Evidence of Prophecy

Perhaps my favorite academic study of the Bible predictions in a short collection of essays edited by Robert Newman, Emeritus Professor of New Testament & Christian Evidences at Biblical Theological Seminary and past President of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy

The seminal work cataloguing virtually every prediction in the Bible from historic events, through prevailing predictions, to Messianic predictions of the Christ.

J. Barton Payne, professor of Old Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary created the single most essential tool in my study of the Scriptures in recreating the Foretold platform in the 21st century.

The Foretold Legacy

1880 - Testimony of the Ages

Herbert Morris created an amazing volume that went verse by verse through the Bible attaching the latest archeological and scientific evidence supporting the factual basis to each verse available.

Morris did this in the late 1800s – long before the age of the internet – requiring an unbelievable body of knowledge and a mind unparalleled.

1743 - Newton on the Prophecies

Bishop Thomas Newton

1823 - Keith on the Prophecies

Alexander Keith

1931 - Bible Prophecies Fulfilled Today

George T.B. Davis

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