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Dig Deep

Quickly Share the Evidence - Swipe your way through prediction after prediction with the evidence from around the world - images captured in the dusty hot spots and war zones of the Middle East.

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Get our first original publication to learn the basics of the predictions, the history, and modern evidence.  Then keep it with you to amaze your friends and family with the pictures that end the debate because seeing is believing.

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The QuickShare interactive display above is just the tease of the platform your support is building.  We imagine a digital toolbox that explains the predictions foretold 2,500 years ago in seconds while letting the skeptic "Dig Deep" into the history and evidence.


A forth coming subscription will unlock our library of content and research to rapidly learn and quickly share the evidence from eternity.


Nearly one third of the Bible is predictive in content and nature.  As our fore-bearers in centuries past, we intend to bring the latest imagery, video, and reports from the Middle East showing that as history unfolds, the God of Israel foretold the outcome to prove the Bible is His.


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