Bob Jacobus, Foretold

A simple devotional presentation of Foretold in Lancaster, PA lead to an invitation to join the Convene Speakers Bureau serving CEOs and business leaders around the world.

Deploying NASA satellite imagery and ground photography, Foretold resonated with CEOs and business leaders used to making decisions based on hard data that can be source checked and verified.

Investments often are required to say, “Past performance is not indicative of future results” (even though we all know in the real world, it is a real good indicator).  Testing ancient predictions with miracles captured on camera today is data you can check with a glance – something CEOs leading vast organizations need – the condensed facts without the fluff.

Convene brings together a community of Christian business leaders who meet monthly in peer-advisory teams across the world. 

Convene members process opportunities and challenges, share priceless information from personal experience with each other, and grow in their faith through Christian executive learning content.

Foretold was invited to join the Speakers Bureau to deliver its evidence based, data driven approach to the Christian Faith for CEOs to consume and share in an action oriented culture of business with leaders that get things done.

“There is something refreshing with doing a presentation before a group that demands accuracy, quality, and action. 

Having served in non-profit, para-church, and local church settings it is exhilarating to be confronted by leaders who are thinking three steps down the road toward taking action on the Foretold images and evidence in their home churches, associations, and businesses. Just wow.” – Bob Jacobus

Bob Jacobus has already travelled across the country from Philly to Sacramento delivering the Foretold – Seeing is Believing multi-media presentation and is presently gearing up for 2022.

Ron Hoover, Chairman of Convene Lancaster

Special thanks to local business leader Paul Griffin who started our Convene journey and local Lancaster Convene Chairman Ron Hoover who championed our cause through the process!

If you are a business leader in the Lancaster, PA area, this is worth your time – reach Ron HERE.

The Convene groups are exploding around the world.  Visit to learn more and don’t hesitate to reach out to Foretold for an insider’s view (Bob is a fan).


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